About Us

PT Gemar Maju Sejahtera

Lembut krimnya menggoyang lidah

Our Company

Es Krim-Goyang is created after two close
friends from the same background decided to bring authentic and an unique Ice Cream from Afghanistan to Indonesia.

The authentic taste comes from family recipes and from fresh, simple and very unique technique in the process of making the ice cream.

Es Krim-Goyang also aims brings the variation of different type of ice cream and creative flavors of juices.

Vision & Mission

A more fun and exciting variety of ice cream is what we are in apperception.

For this brand concept that we decide that we would like to catch the interest of the buyers and also the consumer with our variety of Es Krim- Goyang.

We would like to introduce varieties of flavors that consumers would not normally taste, and also showing how the processing to making the ice cream it self.

This would make the curiosity of the consumers